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Engaging Business Leaders & Investors For Christ

Who We Are

Oasis is a family of business leaders and an investment fund working together using capital and influence to encourage Birmingham to be the most Bible-loving Metro in America.

Birmingham is among the top five most Bible-embracing regions in the United States. By the grace of our Lord and Savior, King Jesus, Oasis corporation helps the 'Magic City' retain her great legacy of faith in the marketplace.  The three pillars our company Oasis was built upon are Leadership, Empowerment, and Community. With a focus on these core values, Oasis aims to provide innovative solutions and services that empower individuals and communities to achieve their full potential.


Oasis is a community of business leaders with two objectives.  First is to advance the Kingdom of Heaven throughout Birmingham and the other is to help each other achieve our divinely appointed aspirations in the marketplace.  We advance the aspiration of Birmingham business leaders through the practice of discipleship, investment, and connection.


Faith-driven business leaders have five aspirational goals: raising funds, career and business development, personal development, and philanthropy. We help business leaders achieve these goals through strategic connections.


Oasis serves as a gateway to a vibrant community of faith-minded business leaders in Birmingham, connecting them through various channels such as media, meetings, and events. Additionally, we collaborate with nonprofits to broaden our impact. Engaging with Oasis not only fosters meaningful friendships but also cultivates value-added partnerships, offering opportunities to collectively make a positive impact within the community.

Weekly Podcast

Unlock weekly wisdom on our podcast, IGNITE Birmingham, tailored for local business leaders and investors. Stay ahead with expert insights and strategies designed to fuel your success in the marketplace.


We Serve

At Oasis, we play a pivotal role in identifying investment prospects for faith-based fund managers, encompassing angel networks, venture capital firms, large corporations, and family offices. Our mission involves not only sourcing executive talent to helm these enterprises but also empowering leadership teams with the necessary resources and expertise to foster substantial growth in enterprise value. Our primary aim is to facilitate the harmonious alignment of investment capital and executive leadership with what we call 'Autonomous Brand enterprises.' These enterprises actively embody the heart of God, working to advance the kingdom of heaven here on earth